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Healthy Meals For Weight Loss Dubai

Ice cream and snacks may feel like distant dream if you‘re on keto, or any other diet regimen. Between all the added sugar and milk, you  would certainly eat up your day-to-day carbohydrates in just a few spoons. However what if we told you there’s a way to enjoy all your favorite flavors, from butter pecan to birthday cake, without breaking your diet? Say hello to Nick’s Ice Cream, a purveyor of Swedish-style scoops that are creamy and tasty— minus the added sugar and calories.Healthy Meals For Weight Loss Dubai

know what your thinking, can an ice cream deliver on the pledge to be low-fat and low-calorie, yet creamy and scrumptiousYES! Nick’s Ice Cream does just that.


About Nicks Ice Cream


It all started in 2014 when Niclas “Nick” Luthman was diagnosed pre-diabetic. As he got used to a low-carb, anti-inflammatory diet, he realized something was missing: his favorite snack. Nick fanatically learned about nutrition and began following a strict low-carb, anti-inflammatory diet, basically a keto diet long before the word was trendyEventually, he was able to get his health controlledbut the diet was dull: He missed all the foods and snacks he enjoyed.

A mechanical engineer, Nick began experimenting with ingredients and flavors to nail a no-compromise, better-for-you ice cream that hit the market in 2016.




What Is In Nicks Ice Cream

Each pint is sweetened with a mix of plant-based sweeteners like stevia, corn fiber, birch sugar, allulose and erythritol. These alternatives maintain the net carbs to a minimum (4 to 7 per serving, to be exact), so keto dessert lovers can enjoy them. One servingdepending upon the flavor, is about 120 calories give or take, however if you’re a whole-pint-in-one-sitting sort of individual, that’s great as wellMany have about 220 calories each depending on the flavor, which is about as much as one solitary scoop of full-fat ice cream.

Nick’s ice creams are also made with skim milk, so just how the heck does he get them so creamy, you ask?

The creaminess we enjoy in ice cream generally originates from calorie-dense dairy product fats. They use a plant-based alternative fat, called EPG, which gives their ice creams their tempting, creamy mouthfeel, but with a remarkable decrease in calories. EPG is made from GMO free rapeseed oil and has 0.7 calories/gram versus 9 calories/gram for normal fat. Fewer fat calories, yummy, creamy taste. How‘s that for modern science!

Most of Nick’s flavors are also free of wheat, and there’s a line of drool-worthy vegan ice creams to check out too, which are made with Perfect Day’s animal-free dairy protein.


Benefits Of Nick’s.


A whole pint of Nick’s has as many calories as one single scoop of full fat ice creamOnly 220 calories in an entire pint. Really.

Just because the sweeteners do not pack on the calories, doesn’t mean they’re not sweet and deliciousOnly 5 grams of net carbs per serving.

NO ADDED SUGAR Nick’s Ice Cream is the amazing creamy reward that your blood sugar thinks is actually quite boring.

If you despise carbs and enjoy doing math, you’re going to enjoy Nick’s Ice CreamJust 4-7 net carbohydrates per servingLikewise extremely suitable with nearly any diet regimen you might be on.


A Look At The Products

Nick’s currently has a product line of ice cream that contains 16 flavors. There are 12 flavors that are gluten free, and four that do have gluten in their crumbles and bits. Those four are Triple Choklad, Cherry Choka-Flka, Peanut Butter Cup and Cookies and Kram.

Along with the ice cream, Nick’s has actually added a a number of new products, Chokload Peanut Keto Bar, and vanilj Cookie Krams. Cookie Krams are basically healthy ice cream cookie sandwhiches.width=

Nick’s additionally has a number of bundles already composed at an affordable cost to fit any person‘s healthy snacking needsA couple of examples are: the super snack bar bundle, the dubbel keto bundle, the best sellers bundleand so on.


Throughout this review, we tried to keep these questions in mind at all times:.

  • Does it look appealing?
  • Can I tell what the flavor is with my eyes shut?
  • Does it have a great, creamy feel?
  • Is there a good proportion of mix-ins?
  • Is there any kind of aftertaste from the alternative sugars?
  • Wouldeat it again?Healthy Meals For Weight Loss Dubai

The answer to the last question says it all, yes I would absolutely buy these products!

Nick’s Ice Cream is a low carb, naturally sweetened, delicious product line of snacks that will benefit anyone that enjoys their snacks however doesn’t wish to put on any excess weight. It is very practical as welljust order and it arrives at your door in dry ice.

It fits very well with the keto diet, however as stated earlier, anybody watching their diet can benefit from Nick’s Ice Cream products. That being said, the only thing you have to lose is some weight!


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